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Frequency changes in the Finnish terrestrial network

Frequency change in brief

The purpose of use for some of the frequencies in the terrestrial television will be switched from television broadcasting to wireless broadband. Consequently, frequencies of television transmitters will be changed in 2015 and 2016.

Transition to the new broadcasting technology concerns Digita's terrestrial network in the UHF frequency band (470–790 MHz). The frequency changes do not affect cable, satellite and IPTV broadcasts.

Changes must be made to antenna systems in housing companies and public buildings

Due to the frequency changes, modifications must be made to the antenna systems in housing companies and public buildings that receive television broadcasts via a master antenna network. We recommend that the property managers of properties with a master antenna contact a local antenna company sufficiently in advance of the frequency change.

Housing company residents will have to perform a new channel search

In terraced and semi-detached houses and blocks of flats, housing company residents can perform the channel scan on their TV receivers after the antenna specialists has conducted the retuning. The housing companies are responsible for informing residents about when they need to search the channels.

Changes for single family houses

Normally no changes are needed in single family houses. However, in some cases changes to the antenna system may be necessary.  If the antenna system of a detached house is in good condition, searching for channels on the TV receiver after the frequency change has been completed in the area will be sufficient.

Search the channels

Most receivers will search the new channels automatically. The consumer simply needs to start the channel search. Some receivers may require factory settings to be restored before the channel scan is performed. Instructions (in Finnish) for tuning the channels can be found at www.taajuusmuutos.fi or in the device’s user guide.

Background to the change

Frequency changes are based on international decisions and the Communications Policy Programme for Electronic Media submitted by the Finnish Government to the Parliament in 2012. As a result, a large number of frequencies used by the main and supplementary transmitters in Digita’s UHF frequency band broadcasting network will change. The changes will be implemented in stages during 2015–2016. The changes started from the TV stations in Northern Finland in July 2015.

The Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority (FICORA) acts as the coordinator of frequency change communications and is responsible for informing the media, antenna companies and consumers about the changes on a general level. The TV Network Operator Digita is responsible for communications on the exact schedules of frequency changes and their regional progress.

Antenna specialists

Find the DigitaPRO antenna specialists  from the list www.digita.fi/digitapro

Further Information:

Frequency Changes in Finnish www.taajuusmuutos.fi
FICORA (The Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority):

Read about the Frequency Changes in English. >>

Read about the Frequency Changes in Finnish. >>

Region-specific information about the progress of the changes will also be added to FICORA’s MONITORi service.

Channel search on receivers

Equipment retailers, manufacturers and distributors will also provide assistance in case of questions or problems related to TV receivers and the basic settings of the equipment.



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